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that will people of this morning for the maryland registered a 3.6 earthquake. a number of people in the area were more than a little surprised. >> things were shaking. sure enough that my dog, who sleeps on the edge of the bed, she fell off the bed this morning. >> while grumbling of the earth is not unheard of in our area, but most maryland if would not -- most maryland residents would not expect such an earthquake. >> it was trembling in the walls were rumbling. -- and the walls were grumbling. >> it was really scary. >> the quake was felt as far north as pennsylvania and as far south as charlottesville, virginia. by noon, more than 1000 people have logged on to the website to report feeling the quake. that includes people from howard county. we learned how the state is responding to the quake. >> i am looking down and the next thing i know, it is like a scene out of "jurassic. park's" the ripples were going across my cup of coke and my blue bottles started rattling. i started looking round and i thought it was a fat guy running through the building because the floor was shaking and i heard thi
with a lot of uncomfortable weather across maryland and much of the country. the steamy conditions made things difficult for public works crew trying to repair a water main break. not really a pleasant day to do just about anything outside. right now out there it's still very humid with an air quality alert in effect for the entire baltimore metro area. let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods. >> want to show that you the thunderstorms are off to the south, at least for now. we are going to open up this and show you there are a lot more thunderstorms out to the south but for the most part we don't have any in maryland now. the thing is, temperatures keep going up. 94 now, and you can see there are a lot of 90s around the entire state. when you factor in the dew points, it feels like 97 in baltimore, 98 in easton, 98 in elkton. so the heat is in place and it is going to continue. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> tonight 20 suspects are behind bars for the uganda terrorist bombing that injured an ellicott city teenager. her legs were shattered in the explosion. a johns hopkins wo
. >> the whole bed started to shake. >> maryland's earthquake, what where most of the shakingity happened. >> and a museum sleep over. what you will have to do to get $10,000, and a free place to stay, for a month. >> live in high definition, from -bff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". i am aren paaks, jefffbarnd is off onight. baltimore county police have arrestee two men, in the beating deathhof a lansdowne man. keith daniels is live at the highland village townhomes where the man's own neighbor is accussd of murder. good evening again keith. >> well, karen good evening. he lived here statttis townhome. and tonight police say ne 70 and suspects lived right next door, to the victim. now police arrived on the scene. and late last night. and detectives say according to witnesses, smith aw 19-year-old tayssaun raheem rying to pry open a front window. charging documenns said raheem was with troy barnes smith's neighbor. investigators say he opened the door and onfronted him. and both suspects forced wayy3 inside. and detectives say raheem hit smith innthe head with a
to a call when they crashed. both are expected to make a full recovery. >> thousands of marylanders felt an unusual jolt after a 3.6 earthquake hit the area. the national geologic referendums said there were reports of it being felt from pennsylvania to virginia. david collins has more. >> i was looking down, and it was like a scene out of jura is -- jurasic park. my blue bottles start rattling. i start looking around, i go in the hall. i thought it was a fat guy running through the building or something because the floors were shaking, and i heard this rumble like this. >> jim klein new almost immediately it was an earthquake. jim was in the process of upgrading his kitchen was reaching for a jolt of caffeine from a soda when the whole place shook. even though he's been through this before, he cascade the -- he said the spern was unsettling. >> it is an eerie feeling. it is like having the earth move in your parking lot, but you look out the window and there is nothing there, so god must have been sending me a message or something. >> it is sharp and distinct. >> according to the direct
it's the rumble everybody is talking about. million of marylanders were rudely awakened. the problems this quake could have caused, kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: state inspectors are checking infrastructure all across the state to make sure the quake did not affect infrastructure. but a lot of people are just excited about the earthquake. >> i think that may have been an earthquake. >> reporter: did you or did you not feel the earthquake? for about three minutes the earth moved rocking homes and buildings across maryland, d.c. and virginia. >> for a moment i thought someone was in the house because i felt something, but then it stopped. >> reporter: early risers still felt they experienced what is more typical on the west coast. >> you really didn't feel it, i heard it. >> reporter: and it sounded like. >> a med sack, like it was flying over the house. suddenly i told him, something just happened. i don't know what was. i mean the whole house just shook. it totally shook. >> just like a real hard vibration on the whole house, we were in bed. >> reporter: some people were
on the northern portions of maryland. that rain activity has pushed off to new jersey and is beginning to move off shore. there are some strong storm cells in that producing lightning. but it is beginning to move out over the ocean. we still have clouds out over the city. off to our west, the skies are beginning to clear, and beyond the city, western howard county and frederick county, less humid conditions are beginning to filter in. a little less humid. nothing major. still typical july summertime. warm and humid. we'll detail it coming up. >> thousands of marylands felt shaky after that 3.6 earthquake hit the city. >> it happened at 5:04 a.m. in the germantown yir of -- area of montgomery county. david collins has more. >> the next thing i knew, it was like a scene out of "jurassic park." the bottles on that shelf started rattling. i looked in the hall. i thought it was a fat guy running through the building or something, because the floors were shaking, and i heard a rumbling. >> jim klein knew immediately it was an earthquake. he was in the process of upgrading his kitchen. he was reaching fo
injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> maryland was shaken awake this morning, a 3.6 magnitude their sleep, at 5:00. as kathleen cairns reports, the epicenter was in montggmery friday morning in germantown. while some residents work on -ome projects. >> all done. all finished. 5 a.m. wake-up call. >> everything shook. >> the whhle bed started to shake. and like this. >> the whole bed shakkng. room shaking. evvrything in the room was shaking. >> the surprise leads to speculatiin. >> wws it thunder? >> it wasn't thunder. >> was it a military plane >> it was sound that shocked me. >> aatomatically thought a house had blown up somewhere nearby. >> it felt like a truck ad hit the hhuse at first. and then the rattle. >> stephanie is a california ú%tive. ii reminded her of hollywood in ú%ny ways. >>the whole bed started to hake like ttis. like it shook. for about 20 seconds and ust >> experts have cracked the case. labeling it. -> 3.6 magnitude earthquake, epicenter was within a mile of here. >> i was not expectinn that at all. and it tottlly scared me. >> residdnts
head west. we will start to see less of a chance behind that front. so central maryland, warrer. and then just a slight chance oo an isolateddthunderstorm in the afternoon. weetern maryland. less of a chance there. ú% lookssliie nicer place to be for omorrow afternoon. partly cloudy skies..3 stiil hot though. humidity is up as well. pretty much all over the place for tomorrow. and 92 degrees is what you can expect in western maryyand. perhaps the best place to escape %-if you are headed doon there,ú on saturday. and a chance of isolated storms saturday afternoon..3 and thee sunday looks like the better day to be on the beach. 87 degrees for tte afternoon high. slightly cooler than what we will experience hhre. overnight, 74 down degrees. sticky as the front pushes %-scattered storms lingering. and fog possiile waking up especially the locations that do see the rain tonightt and then for tomorrow, we will %-and 93 degrees for the afternn high. ann winds outtof the west at five to 10. now as you can see, we hold onto the heat into the next five 92 on sunday with dry conditions.
. >> according to the director of the maryland geological survey, the earthquake measured 3.6 in magnitude. the epicenter was in the germantown area. no one has confirmed what triggered it. >> it would be that this is some plate readjustment from the end of the last ice age. >> this was one of the strongest in maryland. it was felt through the eastern shore. maryland governor martin o'malley says he personally did not notice it. >> we checked in. they are reviewing all of their structures. we are sending inspectors out to bridges, especially the most heavily traveled. >> authorities say the earthquake lasted about 90 seconds. >> it came and went like a thief in the night. >> 1 anne arundel county woman wishes this would come and go -- raw sewage has turned into a battle. sandra german says the spill began after officials worked on a sewage line of her property. she said she had already paid $15,000 in repairs. >> technicians and emergency services have gone above and beyond the call of duty to try to help the system. >> this is what i end up with. it is cracking, and sinking down to the pi
an earthquake in maryland ccmpares to one earlier thisú week in california. >> a little less heat over the weekknd. and some rain on the way too. how long the showers will stick around in the sky watch forecast. >> sometimes shopping is stress reliif. >> going on a shopping iet? how long these peopll ave agreed to stay away from the mall, and why. >> and the vampire craze takes a new turn. >> i am team edward, nd i mean -- >> how it is invading the ú%ntist office. >> live in high definitioo, from fox 5 news at 10:00. >> theewhole bag started to shake like this. %-it shook.ene in the exorcist, >> mother nature with aa alarming wake--p call as a earthquake rattles the region. ú%d also cranked p thh heatt >> i felt like i would pass out. >> kiccing off the weekend with >> good evening, i am kaaen parks. jeff barnd is oof tonight. 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook montgomery county.antown in as kathleen cairns reports, a lot of marylanders are xtra tired tonight after shaken from theer beds at 5:00 this morning. >> friday morning in gerrantoww. while some residents work on home projec
earthquake happening in maryland. >>> a pedestrian struck. a deaf woman is hit by a lightrail train. >>> back to work. the o's hitting the diamond looking to win another game after the all star break. >>> how high will the temperatures climb? meteorologist tim williams has the answer. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this saturday i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. the 17th of the month already. >> yes, half way through the month and already more than half way through the year. >> wow, that's a prospective for you, it really is. >> yeah. >> we are definitely feeling the halfway point. we average about 88 degrees today. going into the 90s. much like yesterday, the humidity will be a factor. you look outside and feel the mugginess. it's going to be another pretty sticky day. we have showers lingering primarily to the south. the forecast looking like this on this day. starting off with temperatures in the 70s, near the 80-degree range. the overnight lows back around 70 it will be a hot and humid day with a slight chance of showe
? >> i didn't know we could have quakes in maryland. yeah, again. really what else is going to happen? we aren't even out of the woods yet. who knows. might want to bring our tornado gear. maybe that's next. >> reporter: keep our fingers crossed for the next 36 your hours. all this rain led to a redo on the inside. the dry wall was soaked before the roof was put on. >> to tear the dry wall and redo it. that's now done. >> reporter: volunteers are relentless. some of them working a full day and then heading to the home. >> you all come together and work for one common goal this is what happens. >> reporter: we got one quick peek at what's on the inside this cabinet looks like it'll go in the kitchen. anyone who has seen the rest is tight lipped. >> we were putting furniture together and also helping to some inside stuff that we can't talk about. >> reporter: we will see the emotions of seven young girl on sunday. >> you walk in and -- opens so many doors for them. >> reporter: something to look forward to. there is still a call for volunteers. here is what they need. people who can do
, maryland. police are still investigating this accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> road maintenance over northern virginia has reached a critical point. those are the words of fairfax county officials pushing for more funding from the state. county board chair sent a letter to virginia senator yesterday. he's the majority leader and also a democrat from fairfax county. she said the roads have fallen into disrepair, potholes unfixed. grass unmowed. she said fairfax county will receive less than two grand for secondary road construction over the next two years. >>> metro will fix two broken he le be -- escalatorses. riders have been huffing up and down those 120 steps. the work is a slow process because some parts are no longer availab available. >>> if you're traveling on metro. add extra time. work on the red, yellow and blue lines. new york avenue and brentwood station on the red line. delays between shady grove and twin brook on the blue line delays will be between braddock and van dorn and between brad don't and huntington station on the yellow li
near nearby gaithersburg, maryland but felt hundreds of miles away. >> it was more of a really low rumble and the vibration rather than like a jet engine noise. i wasn't sure what it was. >> reporter: earthquake expert mike blanpied with the u.s. geological survey says earthquakes aren't rare in these parts. new york, southern virginia and the carolinas are more probably, but the d.c. region has had a few relatively minor tremors. >> in this area we're probably not going to get the big one right around here. we could get earthquakes big enough to do some damage and certainly there are many parts of the country that could. >> reporter: no one was injured and there was no damage reported, but people sure are talking about it. weighing in on the did you feel it section of the usgs website calling in to fox 5. but some people never even felt the earthquake sleeping through it, only learning about it hours later. >> as far as i'm concerned it did not happen. >> reporter: nothing except a little rattling and rolling has got folks talking over dinner about the day the earth around the d.c
side lane in derwood, maryland. police are still investigating this accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> road maintenance in northern virginia has reached a quote crisis point. those are the words of fairfax county officials pushing for more funding from the state. county board chair sent a letter to virginia senator yesterday. the majority leader the. also a democrat from fairfax county. she said the roads have fallen into disrepair, potholes is unfixed, grass is unmowed. she said fairfax county will receive less than two grand over the next six years for secondary road construction. >>> metro crews still trying to fix those broken escalators at the dupont circle stop. only two are still out of service. on wednesday four were out. riders have been huffing up and down those 120 steps. metro said repair work is a slow process because some of the parts are no longer available and have to be custom made. >>> if you're riding metro this weekend you want to add some time to your trip, there will be work on the red, yellow and blue lines. on the red line dela
, both teenagers were in serious condition. >> maryland state highway officials say the local bridges are okay after yesterday's earthquake. surveillance cameras were rolling in motor cars in germanton. when the quake hit at 5:04 yesterday, no one was hurt and no serious damage was reported from the quake. officials did say aftershocks could occur after the next few days. >>> tourists work to beat the summer heat that's been pounding the d.c. area. check out the kids, they ran over a sprinkler in the national mall and even adults took time to cool off as well. they lounged by a fountain. the question now, kim martucci, how hot did it get? >> we venture onned, what a surprise, into the 90s. we have the dog days of summer going on and here's what we can expect. 90s, 90s, 90s. so far we've been lucky and we dodged the drops, but, you know what? we'll get with them at some point probably by the beginning of the week and we have hot 90s for several more days and we are tying a previous stretch of 90-degree weather in a row. the storms monday and tuesday. i'm going to get the scoop on when
was in germantown, maryland, but tonight the 3.6 tremor remains the buzz around the beltway. >> reporter: the security cameras are firmly fixed to the side of the building but this video after 5:00 a.m. is shaky because the earth itself was shaky. >> some of the cameras came on. some picked up better movement than others. >> first we noticed cracks that seemed to separate a little bit. >> thin cracks mark a house on ebb tide. >> there was a vibration in my bed. the rumble woke me up. >> reporter: his father had been through several. >> all of a sudden there was a massive explosion. nothing else. >> reporter: just up the street ron fontaine felt it also. >> it felt like a freight train coming toward the house. i'd say it was like 15 seconds. again, as soon as it happened i felt the house shift i knew what it was, and, again, because my brother lives in california. >> reporter: although it was the strongest earthquake on record in maryland there was mercifully little damage. an antique plate that was on this wall fell down and shattered. >> i yelled to my husband we just had an earthquake
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injuries. >> marylanders woke up to an early-morning earthquake. it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake that happened at 5:04 a.m. in germantown area. there are reports of it being felt from york county pennsylvania to virginia. it is the largest earthquake to hit maryland. Ñoçpççç >> good morning. a quick look at h.d. doppler radar. storms in maryland last evening have moved off shore. a couple storm complexes in kentucky. if they make the trip across the mountains and survive, probably that would pass south of us today. it would be on the edge of a boundary between warmer air and drier air to the south. 76 degrees. 87% the humidity. the barometer is down a little bit but showing a rising tendency, and the winds are calm. our forecast partly cloudy. maybe an isolated storm today. a better chance south of us, but even that would be isolated. southwest winds at 7 to 12. 93 to 98 for the high. if you are going to be down in the ocean today, a chance in baltimore for a scattered thunderstorm or two. partly cloudy forecast for saturday and sunday. 88 for the high on sunday. >> thank
, but this morning well the earth shook them back. an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.6 hit maryland it was centered in the suburb of german town. >> i woke up to a loud crash or bang, and felt the house shake and to me it felt like something had hit the house. >> reporter: earthquakes are rare in maryland. this is the largest to hit the d.c. area since geologists began keeping record back in 1974. the last one was 16 years ago and measured 4.7. >>> captured by the wide field infrared explorer otherwise known as w.i.s. e. the w.i.s.e. telescope will spend the next month mapping the skies again to search for more hidden skies and galaxys. >>> well the final numbers are in, we know now how much was paid for her appearance at a local university and how much money she raised. >>> the foundation that hosted sarah palin's speech last month as a fundraiser revealed today that it paid the former alaska governor $75,000 for her appearance. foundation officials had previously refused to say how much she was paid. attorney general jerry brown opened an investigation to determine if any public money was used.
early this morning in durwood, maryland. police are still investigating that accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> if you're riding metro this weekend add some time to your trip. there will be work on the red, yellow and blue lines. on the represented line delays between new york avenue and brentwood and shady groef and twinbrook. blue line, braddock road and van dorn stations and between braddock and huntington on the yellow line. metro suggests you add 30 minutes to your trip. weather is coming up next. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>>ing meteorologist kim martucci is in storm center 4 with a look at today's weather which is not fair. >> hardly. rather humid, aaron. good morning to you. we got the muggies outside. let's take a look at the required and satellite loop pap cluster of storms moving into west virginia. those have a shot of hitting sout
% in this shaded area down towards charlottesville. 10 to 15%. shaded all the way up into north eastern maryland. so it is not common but it is not out of the question. i will come back with your wakeup weather in just a bit. >>> late breaking news out of dc tonight. right now police are looking at the scene of an accident that sent two teenagers . officers say the teenager's car crashed into three other vehicles. >> update flow on that massive shooting in southeast dc. prosecutors have submitted a significant number of items for dna testing in the killings. jeffrey best and robert grouse are accused of gung down two people back on march 30th. orlando carter drove the van the night. murders. all four men are now charged in one of the cities deadliest shootings. >>> tonight engineers are struggling to make sense of the puzzling pressure reading from the bottom of the gulf of mexico. they are trying to determine whether or not b.p.'s capped oil well is holding tight or perhaps in danger of springing a brand-new leak. now no leaks have actually been spotted but the government's points man on the cr
located in cambridge, maryland on the eastern shore. >> we have four acres p right now containing in the four acres the oysters between the ages of 1 year to 4 years old. >> reporter: kevin mcclaren's oysters are fat and happy. life on the surface helps. the algae is plentiful and so is the oxygen. that means a better oyster for your plate. >> it is a clear oyster and more consistent oyster. we don't harvest oysters of a lot of different sizes. get a box of it. what you get is all your oysters will be, you know, roughly five inches. >> reporter: this aqua culture, as it is called, could be the solution to saving the chesapeake bay oyster. pollution, overharvesting, disease, all seriously depleted the bed and left the watermen that spent generations on the bay wondering if they have a future. this could be it. mcclaren refers to his oysters as his animals and like a racehorse, he breeds them from healthy stock. >> there is about 300 million oysters in the tank behind me. >> reporter: this is his hatchery and the pick of the litter. used for breeding. >> when an oyster is deemed hig
near maryland it struck early at five a m appeared at 2:00 a.m. our time. no reports of injuries or damage but tremors from it spread far as west virginia. last summer quick quiz kid marilyn was 2007. new warning to dog owners. since may of 2005 at least 122 dogs death had been reported pure english bulldogs account for the single highest number of deaths 25 and died in the last five years. although the death accounts for a small percentage ownership consult with their pet canary in before putting any animal in a plane. the experts say the dogs that are easily stress or not well socialized are not good candidates for travel air wise. with a programming note to tell you about. tell you about. this friday nbc will air the giants games so we will have nbc programming. at 8pm we will air the nbc movie of the week: the jenson project. at 10:00pm a special edition of kron 4 news, w w e smackdown can be seen on saturday at 7:00pm the cool and breezy night at at&t park with temperatures dropping into the 50s for the game. lots of low clouds and gusty winds scott tell you about what th
. the department of health and mental hygiene sponsored a recovery month state kickoff in catonsville, maryland. highlights included recognition of elected officials, display tables for local vendors and substance abuse information, as well as food and live entertainment for all to enjoy. a&e network, in partnership with the national council on alcoholism and drug dependence, hosted the recovery project rally in new york city. thousands of people from across the country joined in a historic walk across the brooklyn bridge to raise awareness and show support for recovery from addiction. the celebration took place at city hall park, and featured live music from several bands as well as appearances from a&e talent, national leaders, and special guest celebrities. alaska family services held its 2nd annual recovery celebration. several members from the community were invited to share their stories of addiction and recovery. the event also featured performances from other members of the community, as well as information tables set up with resources to help with the journey toward sobriety. the event
of moving off the upper day and a two northeast maryland. temperatures are in the 70's across the area. temperatures will rise today. was 98 yesterday with lots of heat and humidity and high temperature will be around 95 and tomorrow about 94 with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook later on in the show. bianna? >> mary, thank you. >>> yesterday, we saw something remarkable. steve jobs admitting he was wrong, sort of. after growing complaints about the new iphone dropping calls when held a certain way, the apple ceo held a press conference to calm critics. take a listen. >> you know, we're not perfect. we know that. you know that. and phones aren't perfect, either. but we want to make it -- make all of our users happy. now, if you don't know that about apple, you don't know apple. >> and "gma's" technology contributor, becky worley, joins us via skype from her home in oakland, california. good morning, becky. >> good morning, bianna. >> you and i covered steve jobs for many years. that must have been a painful press conference for him to hol
because of maryland's high taxes. >> arthel: maryland is in the black as well. >> we went from 1.8 billion dollar deficit to 220 million surplus. for the two year budget cycle we were expecting a four billion dollar deficit and we've evened that out too. we are are holding the line on tax. something the federal government should try. >> arthel: are you going to be talking to the feds? >> look, it is not a virginia miracle, just common sense. whole the line on taxes, cut spending and focus on jobs. it worked in virginia. i hope it works in the federal government too. >> arthel: if you are holding the line how do you increase revenue? >> you bring more jobs like we are bringing grumman many paying over $100,000 a year. >> arthel: 72,000 jobs created? >> since february virginia has created over 72,000 jobs this is helping our revenue, corporate returns are up, individual tax returns are up this is the way to go. if you try to raise taxes, companies are gonna go elsewhere. if you have this spending companies are going elsewhere. >> arthel: what is the company headquartering there? >> grumman.
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this summer, the heat is blamed for at least 13 deaths in maryland, 5 in california and 4 in new york state. scientists point to el nino and the effects of global warming as well as the jet stream further north than usual preventing cooler air from moving south. >> water, sunscreen. take breaks when we get tired. think that's how we're dealing with it. >> reporter: here in chicago, this is the fourth straight day of 90-degree temperatures. for much of the country and in particular the northeast, a break from the heat may be days away. ron. >> okay, thanks, eric horng reporting from chicago. >>> while the first family got a bit of a break from the weather. as they enjoyed their weekend in maine. where it was only 81 degrees, where they were today. the obamas toured an historic lighthouse. in acadia national park. and then got a little hiking in. but the president, meanwhile, was turning up heat on the republicans in his weekly address. >> too often, the republican leadership in the united states senate chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress. i think these senators are w
through it. >> reporter: that's easy to do when history is made at 5:04 a.m. in germantown, maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> people as far away as west virginia and pennsylvania say they felt the quake. while it is rare, maureen umeh joins us live to tell us why this may not be the last one you feel. maureen? >> reporter: yeah, laura. a lot of people scratching their heads asking since when do earth qairks happen around here -- earthquakes happen around here. turns out it's not uncommon. mike blanpied at usgs has had a very busy day. the epicenter of the earthquake was in gaithersburg but could be felt as far as 100 miles away. he says while earthquakes are not a frequent occurrence here, they do happen. we've had several in the 2 magnitude range but he says we could have a bigger one than the 3.6 quake felt today. he says people should be prepared and take precautions. >> if we do have another big shaker in this area, the advice that we always give is you drop, cover and hold on. drop to the floor. get underneath wherever a sturdy piece of furniture is nearby, a table, a desk and ju
is look at states like maryland that have a graduated driver's license program for all new drivers regardless will of what age they are. >> we want to stop the joyriding and the kind of attitude that teens are going to get in the car with six of their friends like we've seen in the horrible horrendous accidents and take down the road and go through a stop sign and everyone dies in the car. that is what we want to try to stop. >> which is why banning cellphone use while driving and banning texting is a top priority for senator klobuchar. the stand up act forces states that do not restrict cellphone use while driving to lose federal highway funding. >> no matter what age, 23 times more likely to get in an accident if you are texting and no text is worth dying for. i find out our staff about talking about one guy who i adore who has championship texting while he drove and i'm driving with him and he is texting and it was way back when we had one seat in the senate controlled the balance in the senates. and i say so we are all worried about gaining seats and keeping the seat and you're
? that's in bethesda, maryland. that's a d.c. suburb. the median household income in bethesda is over $172,000. >> wow. >> it's an interesting town. it is of course very close to d.c. 1 of every 2 people in bethesda has a graduate degree. we know that the more education you have, the higher income. that makes a lot of sense, and it is a nice town, too. >> you've heard the saying rich, single and ready to mingle. i can't believe this is on the list! but it is. best town for rich, single folks. >> this is not a huge surprise. the place where most single people are are college towns. rich and single, it is a beach town. newport beach, california. 30% of people who live there are single. the average median income there is over $140,000. it is a beautiful place. it has a great boardwalk. not too far from l.a. you can see why it would attract the young and affluent and professional singles. >> drum roll? the best town on the whole list is -- >> this will please you very much being a minnesota girl. number one place that we found overall that had the package of everything, eden prairie, minn
, maryland, republican line, bill. caller: i know a bit about the problems. i have been in the business 42 years as a scientist. this has been a shift of offals with obama leading the way. i have been a consultant to u.s. domestic oil companies and foreign oil companies. in environmental and safety matters. i will say that american companies run to a higher standard on environmental and higher standard on safety. that is a fact because i have worked for both of them. this whole thing should not have happened in the first place, but there are thousands and thousands of oil rigs operating in the gulf safely and without problems. it is completely inappropriate for an experience and on educated government official to come in and of -- and presumably to have all the answers because they don't. the biggest problem is that there is high regulation but for the most part the regulators don't understand what they are looking at and don't know what they are doing. i have been there, done that, seen that, and i shake my head at out incompetents the government regulators are. that is what i have to say
burr ban maryland. the strongest quake within 30 miles of washington since record-keeping began in 1974. the first family is out of town this weekend. vacationing in maine. this video was shot just this afternoon. the president, mrs. obama, the daughter, advisor valerie jarret boating in frenchman bay. tonight, white house correspondent wendell goler reports no matter who the president is, taking time off has its own challenges. >> every president periodically escapes if what harry truman calls the great while jail, but the rest and relaxation come at a price. golf matches while b.p. wrestled to control the gulf oil spill led republicans to call president obama out of touch. >> scheduling more tee times than phil mickelson than the greatest environmental disaster in our nation's history is out of touch. >> some headed they are going north to maine after heading them to the gulf coast. >> this is still a place open for business and welcoming to vacationers and people can have a wonderful holiday here. >> at a time when he can set an example for the country by vacationing on the many plac
was that?" well, "that" was an earthquake. relatively small for d.c., it was centered in nearby maryland. there is some video showing the shake. the president, who happens to live in an old home made of sandstone, told reporters he didn't feel a thing. he may have been dreaming at the time of vacation. the first family arrived in maine. a rare flight on the small gulfstream jet serving as air force one, landing at bar harbor airport. they went hiking at acadia national park, cadillac mountain and then got ice cream, of course. the president told reporters he got a coconut ice cream cone. he then proceeded to pose with tourists visiting from germany. the obamas are there until sunday. the next big family event for them, eldest daughter malia goes to summer camp for the first time. that means a month away from home. >>> up next here tonight, making a difference for those who share a common love of something special. mon love of something special. is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today i'm finally go
rockville, maryland. quakes are so unusual in the area some people thought it was a truck passing by or a low flying airplane. people visiting from california laughed. no reports of any injuries or damage. the president said he didn't feel it. >> that's funny. my girlfriend just moved to the east coast and said what's the big deal. >> what is it? what was that? >>> yeah. big deal here though. it is hot, hot, hot. >> i got to tell you whenever i go out to schools and have weather lectures, here locally people always want to know about tornadoes, but when i worked in chicago, they all wanted to know about earthquakes. it's really the unknown that we're really always interested in. this is very interesting. take a look at the transamerica building this evening. we cannot see the top of the sphere. this leads me to believe -- i like using it as a barometer, i'm believing right now the ceiling is down to 600 feet n. will impact your saturday morning. in fact, right now in san francisco totally socked in at 53 degrees. san jose clear skies at 71. and still balmy in brentwood. sounds lik
's ctal people woke up to the rattling from the 3.6 magnitude quake centered in german t maryland. hitting a little after 5:00 a.m. this morning. the secret service said the quake the strongest in d.c. in more than 35 years, was felt at the white house. we did some digging,t's nhe adams wrote in his diary his own shock after experiencing an earthquake, which he wrote, quote, much alarmed his wife. president obama said he didn't feel the quake. in fact, shortly after, the first family left for a weekend in maine, where they visited acadia national park. their getaway comes after the president marked quite a week in washington. the oil for now is finally stopped, and on the political front, his financial reform so, why suc jake tapper breaks it down. >> reporter: some democrats have been grumbling that the public is not giving the president enough credit for all he has accomplished in such a shor >> we will rebuild. we will recover. the united states will emerge stronger than before. >> reporter: after all, democrats argue, 18 months into his presidency, mr. obama has chalked up a number of
near germantown, maryland, and felt as far away as pennsylvania and west virginia. but at the white house president obama said he did not. and there was no waiting for aftershocks. the first family took off for a weekend getaway in maine's acadia national park where they took a hike today. the president still wearing his dress shoes. then some ice cream, not vanilla or strawberry but coconut. from ice cream to snow leopards, a pair of cubs went on display at the cape may county zoo in new jersey. the endangered cats were born in may but had been in seclusion until this week. and now the zoo is holding a contest to name them. but only human cubs 12 and under can enter. up in space, a powerful new telescope has made some amazing discoveries. known as the wise telescope, it started orbiting the earth in december, scanning the skies and sending back images of 25,000 asteroids that had never been seen before. but don't worry, the closest are still millions of miles away. the telescope has also spotted 15 new comets and a galaxy ten billion light years away. now from light years to a ques
just after 5:00 a.m. in the morning centered near rockville, maryland. quakes are so unusual some people thought it was a truck passing by or a low flying plane. there were no reports of injuries or damage. the president said he didn't feel it. >> he was on his way to bar harbor to have a coconut ice cream. >> we saw that earlier. >> roberta what is going on? >> 63 in san francisco. we did have 100 degrees in pittsburgh. brentwood as well. look what happened this evening. a marine layer roughly about 1000 feet deep sweeped into the city of san francisco. look right now the transamerica building. that is roughly down to 600 feet. that's how we begin our morning tomorrow you can count on delays at sfo on arriving flights. that's pretty much the criteria right there at 600 feet. so let's go ahead and crunch our models together and come up with your pinpoint forecast. currently, san francisco at 53 degrees. mid-50s and overcast in mill valley. san jose. 68 after a high today of 83. and brentwood has now tumbled 20 degrees after their triple digit reading today. we will kick start your
. democrats were quick to pounce on boehner's remarks. maryland representative and dccc chairman chris van hollen releasing this comment. they want to adopt the same policies that got us into this mess to begin with. i think he's being complimentary there. let's turn to msnbc political analyst eugene robinson. good evening. no regulations so as to reassure private businesses. please tell me you checked and rahm emanuel is printing up the t-shirts. >> i have not checked to see that the silkscreen machine is running at this moment. but, look, you could do a series of t-shirts. the joe barton bp apology. the jon kyl revelation of the republican economic policy. and now this. it's not as if the democrats don't have something to run on this fall. so get out there and run on it. >> i mean, it is an extraordinary statement, even for the republicans who might as welcome out and say we're in big business's pockets. because to talk about it being a wonderful signal to the private sector that they're going to have some breathing room. as i said, we don't have breathing room on the gulf coast because
guy, to the everyday consumer? professor peter moricci from the university of maryland joins us. good to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> what immediate changes will we see with this? let's start with credit cards? >> well, credit cards will be clearer. for example, i have my latest bill from hsbc. it tells me if i make the minimum payment it will take me 20 years to pay it off and the interest charges will be almost double the principal that's here. if i make a larger payment it will take only three years to pay it off and the interest will be only 60%. >> okay. so let's move on now. interest will be only 60%. so that should help. >> right. >> okay. >> but the banks will make less money doing this. so you're going to see, you know, somewhat lower credit limits because the banks are going to be more cautious about extending too much credit to people. >> okay. >> things of that nature. >> let's move on now to checking accounts here. >> well, right now the banks don't make money by charging you to use a checking account. we have free checking. the checks are inexpensive. they make mo
in rockville, maryland, felt by people in several states away. utility companies reported no troubles and the quake did not damage any roads, bridges or the subway system. >> did you feel the earthquake, mr. president? >> i didn't. >> it felt like an earth mover or truck was going by the front of the house. >> when you heard it was an earthquake? >> then it was like, okay! [ laughter ] >> scientists say it's the strongest earthquake to hit the d.c. area since the government started keeping records in the 1970s and there may be more in store. smaller aftershocks could hit the region over the next few days. >>> well, he got his nickname because he is a big guy. now the panda has an important message for kids about staying healthy. why he says he is uniquely qualified for the job. >>> even at this hour working a 40-degree temperature span within 40 miles of the bay area. the effect all this fog will have on your weekend forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, name something truly awful. [ bell dings ] microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announce
on more than a trillion dollars in cash. but they are not hiring. university of maryland economic professor joins us. it is a difficult one to come up. the chamber of commerce in this country said companies are not hiring because they are afraid of the sea of regulation that is coming down the pike . the president said that is not why. >> there is an antibusiness climate in america . abuses on wall street have worsened and paid one percent to gdp in bonuses to their executives. thuation in arizona in terms of border security has worsened. what is the president's response to send the vice-president out to demagogue the issue by blaming the predecessor . he's been here 18 months he is responsible for the unemployment being higher and things getting worse. this man will raise taxes, increase regulation and blame them for his problems. it is time for president obama to behave like a leader and take responsibility for his record but instead he blames everyone else. this is a pathetic situation. a foreign investor would not go in a country where a vice-president behaved. the business cl
in maryland. >> my goodness the taste in that little thing. >> chicken from polly place farm in virginia. >> how long marinated? >> two hours. classic spanish dish, leave it out in the heat for two hours, i don't recommend that. chicken in the pan nice and hot. cast iron skillet is great, it will keep the heat longer, it won't cool down when we put the cold chicken into it and cloves of garlic in there, plenty of bay leaves. get it nice and golden brown on all sides, push it to the edge, the big trick with the dish, here is some that we've prepared a little earlier and you see it's good and golden brown, which is really what you want that nice brown, brown color to get that nice caramelized flavor. >> how long are we looking at? >> seven or eight minutes on each side. >> how hot i do need to get the skillet so it's piping hot? >> hot heat, you can always turn it down. if you start slow you'll get trouble getting the chicken brown. you don't want to boil the chicken. >> if you burn the chicken, let it down a little, just a golden hue. >> once the chicken is cooked i take it out of the pan
at the chinese theater in 1953, it was to promote the movie to lin prefer blondes in from maryland this is like a dream come true issues to go there all the time. as a little girl living in foster homes compares her hands and feet to that of her idols. tissues' sitting up there with her co-star jane russell and there's a big crowd of people were taking pictures of issues that carry issue notices of jimmy durante's knows, among his peers and not everybody puts jail if they wish to put the body parts where it would be most remembered for a share chalet held at the ceremony said kron had passed on by that time the chinese leader was owned by fox so she said she called the fox officials over said here's my dlj nation lean into the wet cement and i should sit in it. >> the so there's a tradition with a short little stories the so the they're great for the coffee table or the bathroom. >> write the answers but the beginning so far simpler putting it out there for ready to see and they're taking images will serve the house and the joy of it there. >> of love the 20's and '30's and the scandals at that
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